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Spreading the culture of Tagore


A dance programme by Shahana Shahana Shahana Shahana Shahana Shahana



Shahana vision.
To propagate the rich heritage of Tagore music and culture.

Shahana, a school of Rabindra sangeet affiliated to Rabitirtha, Kolkata, conducts classes in Rabindra sangeet at Khar in Mumbai,
with diploma and certificate and general courses.

Shahana, a musical institute in the suburbs of Mumbai was established in 1975. Since inception the main focus of the school has been to disseminate the rich heritage of Tagore songs and culture in Mumbai.

The school offers a diploma course in Rabindra sangeet similar to that of Rabitirtha, a premier music institute of Kolkata founded by the Late Suchitara Mitra, the doyenne of Rabindrasangeet and the guiding spirit behind Shahana.

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Junior Certificate in Rabindra Sangeet

Senior Diploma in Rabindra Sangeet

Post Diploma Special Classes

Specialised courses on different facets of Rabindra Sangeet

The courses are conducted at Khar West and Kandivali East

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The people behind Shahana


Smt. Sunanda Majumdar
Smt. Indrani Acharya
Smt. Sucheta Neogi
Shri Shubhash Majumdar
Shri Udayan Bhattacharya

Smt. Indrani Acharya

General Secretary
Shri Udayan Bhattacharya

Joint Secretaries
Smt. Sharmila Neogi
Shri Jayanta Ghosh

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